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Our Women's Vitality probiotic supplement combines the power of probiotic cultures plus nutrients to support women’s health.  Probiotics help improve absorption of these critical women’s health ingredients, and support healthy digestion, immune system health, and vitality.

• Lactobacillus Rhmanosus DDS-1: A potent strain for to support normal urinary tract health and balanced vaginal flora.
• Bacillus coagulans HC™:
A spore-forming probiotic, studied and supported by clinical research. Helps to support less gas, bloating & discomfort.
• Bacillus clausii:
A well-studied, spore-forming probiotic with high efficacy and excellent tolerability. B. clausii can colonize in the intestine in the presence of antibiotics. Helps support healthy immune system responses.
• Bacillus subtilis
A spore-forming probiotic with the ability to identify and support the decrease of harmful bacteria. This strain is known to produce Nattokinase, studied for its heart-healthy benefits. HU58™ also supports healthy immunity.

• Cranberry
contains proanthocyanidins, which is an antioxidant that has been shown to help support a normal, healthy bacterial balance in the urinary tract.
• DDS-1
is a probiotic proven to be a potent strain for the support of normal urinary health and women's health.
• Caprylic acid
is a fatty acid with a natural ability to support healthy inflammatory responses. Caprylic acid supports normal, healthy reproductive and digestive function.

Take two (2) capsules daily after a meal or as directed by your physician. No refrigeration needed.


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Women's Vitality

Women's Vitality
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